If you are looking for the latest sports scores and injury updates, then you are in the wrong place. If you are hoping to find well-written, stylish journalism you will also likely be disappointed. If you accidentally clicked on a link for fantasy rankings or meant to check out Steven A Smith's weekly column, it's not too late. Click the back button on your browser and leave this site. I am just a guy who is sick of hearing mainstream media recycle the same old ideas and pass it off as news. I am a sports fan and I would like to offer my own viewpoint on issues that bother me or that I am passionate about. I have no intention of being right all the time; it's not my goal. I just want share some of my sports related thoughts and opinions.

If you care to tell me that I am wrong, crazy or something in between... be my guest! Your feedback is what motivates me to post more articles. You can Email me or post comments to the articles themselves.

If you haven't figured it out by clicking on the links or taken a look at the general format of the site - this site is in it's infancy.

Bookmark this site! I will be spewing articles as my schedule allows.

UPDATE - Great news! The site had some technical problems but now we are back online. Just in time for football season nonetheless.